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Stop Missing Goals and Running Out of Time

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Time management is nothing new and we all know that if you have goals to achieve, you need to be aware of your time and where you spend it most.

You may have tried a calendar system or various apps to help manage your time. Maybe you have an assistant that helps you keep track. However, somehow, it's just not working out. You still find yourself falling short on time, frustrated that you did not achieve what you had set out to do that day. So how do you truly manage time management?

You would need to first asses your values. Make a list of all the things you value in your life. This type of list hardly ever changes. For example: family time on weekends, integrity, getting at least 8 hours of sleep, intelligent conversations etc... Take your time making this list. Make sure you cover everything from personal, to relationships to career, health and finance.

Next make another list of your goals. When making this list, think about them carefully. Is it your goal or is it a goal that your wife wants for you? Or is it a goal your company is asking from you to achieve? Make sure that this list, is your list of goals for yourself. This list is more flexible than your values list. Goals can change depending on circumstance, your values don't. Be sure to cover personal, relationship, career, health and finance.

Now that you have both lists made, you can now manage your time. When creating your schedule or deciding if you should participate in an event, refer back to the two lists you created. Everything that you spend your time on should be related to those two lists. If you find yourself spending your time on something that isn't on either lists, then it's safe to say, you are not bringing value to your time.

The lists also help you bring more awareness and clarity to what it is you truly want in life. You can only move toward your goals when you are taking proper actions to achieve them.

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